Watch My Girlfriend Strip for Me

2011 March 2
by Girlfriend

watch my girlfriend

The best thing about coming home to my girl is knowing that she’ll be ready for nearly anything. She gets all worked up teasing people all day, and just loves it when I post photos of her online or brag about her hot titties at work. I don’t get to share her with that many people, but I know there’s a bunch of people that like to watch my girlfriend get herself off, and knowing that they can look but I can touch?

It’s a real rush and has me harder than I’ve been since I was a teenager. When she’s prancing around our place naked as a jaybird, fingering her tight pussy and getting herself all slicked up and ready for me, and taping it so I can watch it on the bus? Massive turn-on. She’s confident enough with herself and her sexuality that she likes sharing it with other people. And you know what? I have a very hard time seeing a problem with that.

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